Birth Control After Baby

This is in no way professional opinion. This post only reflects my experiences and issues I’ve dealt with. For more options and information you should contact your OB/GYN.woman-thinking-about-birth-control-options

A reliable birth control is very important to me. Neither me or my husband are the kind of people who want “as many kids as God intended”. But we haven’t been able to get it quite right since the birth of our baby. We have been having issues with just about every way we tried so far. 🙂

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IUD issues. Health issues. (Weekly Recap – 22 May 2017)

Weigh in: 87,4 kg

Aaaaaaaa, I have been going up and down about 0,5 kg every few weeks, it’s frustrating. As I said last week I was taking it a little slower this week. I did work out a couple of times, all together every other day. I watched what I ate, but I didn’t track calories (I just tracked the food in my journal). And I really watched to drink enough. Even with being careful I had days when I didn’t meet my water goal.

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