Update Time!

Oh, it’s been a while! This will be one hell of an update. πŸ™‚ A lot has been happening which is one of the reasons why I’ve been away. But I also needed some offline time and I feel like it was a good choice.

Health and weight loss

I think the last time I updated I was talking about my IUD issues. Well, the situation is the same, I still can’t feel the strings. But my doctor told me that it’s normal because we cut the strings. And let’s say I believe her. I’ve been kind of cranky with my doctor. Actually not with here, with the clinic where I go to. They changed some policies in last couple of months and now the “operator” decides if your call or e-mail is considered urgent enough to go to the doctor. Anyway, I won’t even go into that, it’ll just make me angry. πŸ™‚ I haven’t been having any other issues. My periods for last two months have been regular, but my cycle seems to be a lot longer than before. So I hope all is well and I hope I won’t get pregnant by accident. πŸ˜€

My weight loss is kind of standing still. As I said in one of the previous updates, since the heat started I’ve been having hot flashes and I’ve been dizzy. And it gets worse if I don’t eat enough… So I’m still making healthier choices with food, but I can’t really say I’ve been cutting calories much.


I’ve re-joined the SparkPeople.com. This web page is amazing. Honestly the only time I lost weight effectively was when I was using SparkPeople. If there are any Sparkers up here, feel free to look me up. My name is Munchandfam. I haven’t had time to do much with my page there, but it’s in the plans. πŸ™‚

Brez naslova

SparkPeope rocks!

I had a check up with a physiotherapist about my muscles. And she said I’m improving! I am so happy about that! I could feel the difference when I was doing my regular workouts. I felt much more support in my pelvis. I have another checkup in September and I really want to blow her away with me progress. πŸ™‚

Job Update

As of next week I will officially be unemployed. But I hope not for long. All the shenanigans around my job is one of the big reasons I wasn’t updating much, I just didn’t have the energy. Anyway. There is an empty position for a science teacher for a part-time job. There is a chance that this could change into a permanent position. But it’s not 100% yet. For now I know for sure that we’ll be signing a contract within the next few weeks and that I’ll be starting in September. I’ll update when I’ll know more. But I’m so excited that I don’t need to go job hunting! I’ll still register as unemployed for the summer, because I’m entitled to some benefits. And we could sure use some. We found a beautiful house that would be perfect for our family with lots of space to expand. We are just waiting to see how my job situation resolves. I honestly hope we’ll be out of this apartment in two years max.


On another note, me and my husband have been figuring out how to maybe bring home some extra money. We are very interested in selling some of our hand made stuff on Etzy, but at this point we still need to figure out the legal stuff. That’s another reason why I want to register as unemployed – I’ll be entitled to free counseling and I’m sure they know more about self-employment than we do. πŸ™‚

Baby Update

I just need to brag about the kid a bit. πŸ™‚ He is growing up so fast! He’ll be 1 year old in August and he’s already walking. I’m not joking, he’s properly walking. And it’s such a pain sometimes. πŸ˜€ He won’t stop until he’s literally sleeping where ever he is. πŸ˜€ Today he didn’t want to take a nap, but then he fell asleep as I was making his dinner in a high chair. πŸ˜€ Yeah, sleeping during meal times is becoming a rule. πŸ˜€


He’ll be starting kindergarten in September and I’m so excited for him. I know he’ll love spending time with other kids and enjoy all the different activities. I’m trying to get him to the same schedule as he’ll need in Autumn but failing miserably. πŸ˜€ Between his activeness, teething and general summer vibes I’m happy that he’s generally sleeping through the night. πŸ˜€

I’ve been reading a lot on different approaches to teaching kids. As a teacher I had an opportunity to learn about some, like Montessori. And I’m trying some stuff out with him. I’ll make a more detailed update about that soon.

Summer Plans

OK, time for some summer plans. During my break I took a lot of time to think about what to do with this blog. What I was doing obviously wasn’t working. πŸ™‚ So I came up with some great post ideas for this summer and made this plan that’s officially starting today. From now until end of August I’ll be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m planning “Mommy Mondays”, “Weight Loss Wednesdays” and “Random Fridays”. πŸ˜€ I guess I can sell this post as weight loss update, can’t I? πŸ˜€



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