Breakfast: Polenta With Eggs And Veggies

If you’ve never heard of polenta, check it out! 🙂 It’s tasty. The instant version is pretty cheap and fast to make. The taste can be combined with both sweet and savory. It’s gluten free. Will be posting more recipes for “regular” and baby food including polenta soon.

What you need?

  • about 1/2 cup of instant polenta
  • egg (or two)
  • veggies (whatever you like and is preferably home grown or locally grown)
  • seasoning
    • salt
    • pepper

How it’s done


Polenta is really the easiest thing to cook. You need about 2 – 3 times more water than you have of instant polenta. I use my old cups that I had for storing milk and I usually take about 50 ml of polenta and 180 ml of water (or milk). If you put more water, it’s more creamy. With less water it’s more “solid”.

Bring the water to boiling, I advise to use non stick pan. Put in the seasonings. When the water is boiling, you can turn the heat down a little bit. Pour in the polenta and mix constantly over the heat so that it boils slowly for 2 minutes and that’s it.

Watch out! If your heat is to high the polenta can start splashing around while it boils and the drops of it are hot as hell. 🙂 Use lower heat and mix constantly to avoid splashing.

I recommend putting the polenta on the plate as soon as it’s done as it can get pretty hard very quick. 🙂 So put as much as you want on the plate and the leftovers in whatever you want to store them in. It can be stored in refrigerator for 2 days with no problem, I have’t stored for longer than that. And wash the pot or at least put in the water. As said, polenta can get pretty hard very fast. 🙂

Add a fried or poached egg and some veggies. I decided to use fried egg. I fried it on a drop of olive oil in a non stick pan, added a bit of pepper on top.

Bon Appetit!


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