Birth Control After Baby

This is in no way professional opinion. This post only reflects my experiences and issues I’ve dealt with. For more options and information you should contact your OB/GYN.woman-thinking-about-birth-control-options

A reliable birth control is very important to me. Neither me or my husband are the kind of people who want “as many kids as God intended”. But we haven’t been able to get it quite right since the birth of our baby. We have been having issues with just about every way we tried so far. 🙂

Before Baby

Before we started trying for a baby I have been on birth control pills for years. Yeah, I know, that’s not the healthiest way, but it was the easiest and I didn’t feel I had any issues with this method. We decided I would stop the pills a few months before we wanted to start trying. Only after stopping the pills I noticed how many side affects they were having on me. I lost weight. I felt much better, less moody. And the sex felt much much better. 🙂86a7861a6bba688fdcde26523a298d9a-1024x512

BUT! Not all about the pills was bad. I had very heavy and painful periods before and always irregular cycle. After pills, even after I stopped taking them, my periods were lighter, less painful and very regular. And I loved that. 🙂13-things-you-should-know-before-going-off-birth--2-18835-1449159714-11_dblbig

So even after taking pills for over 10 years I easily conceived in the first cycle after started trying. I think the pills actually helped a bit on this part. Because of the pills my cycles were very regular so we knew exactly when to start trying. And also for me the new and improved sex drive after stopping the pills helped a lot. 😀

So the pills were kind of the option we thought we would go back to after the birth. But with me breastfeeding and the issues I had with pills we decided, after consulting with my doctor, to try other ways.


Natural Ways

After I was ready to start having sex again after the intense labor and delivery that I had, I was still breastfeeding and my period hasn’t started yet. Breastfeeding prevents the ovulation, but it is also quite unsafe option, specially if you are only partly breastfeeding. Your first period will come only after your first ovulation so there will be no warning.

Other natural ways like counting days are pretty unreliable at this point too, even after you start your period again, because your cycles can change from what they were before getting pregnant. For me my first two cycles were pretty perfect like before. But then I didn’t have periods for probably 3 months. 🙂

What I would advice is to use natural ways with caution. Make sure your cycle is back to normal before you start relying on counting the days. You probably won’t feel like having sex before your 6 weeks checkup (and it is actually advised that you wait for the check up). You can ask your doctor then to check with ultrasound if your ovaries are already active. I had my first check up a little later, because my doctor was away. So we did have sex before. She actually told me about the checking the ovaries and at the check up one of my ovaries was already active at that point. The doctor couldn’t predict when the actual ovulation will start (could be in 2 days could be in 2 months…), but we didn’t want to risk it any more.

Condoms And Their Issues

Our first choice were condoms. And in short 2 months that we went back to using condoms I grew to hate them so much. 🙂 I don’t think we had this many issues with condoms in all the years we used them combined that we had in those two months. And I think the reason is my poor muscle tone in my pelvis. Because of that my uterus tends to move a little lower during the day. And I think that the bloody condoms kept getting stuck. 😀 Anyway, I think the condom fell of 2 or 3 times during that time. I had to take emergency contraception (the morning after pill). Two times! 😀 Now thinking back it was hilarious. I felt embarrassed to go get the pill the first time. And the second time I drove to the pharmacy across town so that I wouldn’t go to the same one as before. 😀 And of course I couldn’t breastfeed for 24 hours every time I took that darn pill. 😀 I just waited for my next check up to get something else, because this wasn’t working.

The IUD Stories


After the doctor presented the option of the IUD to me I was so excited. This was the perfect solution for us! No issues, no refills, no need to remember to take the pill every day. Perfect. So I decided to take the Jaydess brand IUD. It’s smaller than Mirena, it’s for 3 years, less hormonal. Perfect. 🙂 Or so I thought.

The issues started even before I got the actual thing. 🙂 The doctor advised me that the best time to put it in is at the end of my period. That way the cervix is still a little opened and also the IUD has some time to settle before the next potential period cramping that could move it. I was stoked, my first two cycles were perfect so we made an appointment for the end of next predicted period to put it in. And the next period never came. 😀

I went to the doctors office, she did the ultrasound and everything was fine so we decided to proceed anyway. The procedure went fine, no pain. I waited outside for a while but because I felt fine they said I can go home. I was even set to walk home to get some exercise and enjoy some alone time. But as I was walking down the stairs from the doctors office I started cramping a lot. I got two stories down and had to sit down because cramping was so bad. It was honestly worse than contractions, no kidding! At this point my husband calls so I tell him to just come and pick me up. I make it outside, but the pain is still getting worse and worse. Luckily I decided to sit down, because moments later I fainted. So they took me back in, gave me some pain meds, I had to stay there for a while. But after the pain was gone, the doctor checked me again and all was OK so I went home.

From there on my general experience of the IUD has been good. My periods are still light, but my cycle is all off. I hope it will get to normal soon. I really wish that my periods don’t stop all together. I’m probably the only woman on the world who wishes that, but I like the monthly reminder that all is good down there. 😀 The IUD doesn’t affect my mood, well not that I would notice, and it doesn’t affect my sex drive. It definitely has it’s positives.

But sadly it also has it’s negatives. And I think the negatives are at least partially connected to my still pretty weak pelvic floor. At the beginning I could actually feel the thing inside, the strings were painful and on some days when I was very active the strings would come out. 😀 As I said my uterus moves around a bit so the IUD moves with it. I mean as far as birth control goes it’s perfect. If you have a sharp strings sticking out of your private parts the chances of you getting pregnant are pretty low. 😀 But both me and the husband thought that wasn’t the point and the doctor agreed and she cut the strings shorter.

After the cut it was perfect for a while. But now I haven’t been able to feel the strings for a few days. Even with the shorter strings you are supposed to be able to find them with your finger. That’s the only way to make sure the IUD is still in place. If the strings are not there that could mean that the IUD has fallen out or that it moved up. In any case, it can mean that you are no longer protected. And in rare cases it can perforate the wall of the uterus and you’ll need a surgery to remove it. Well, missing strings can also mean that the strings just got curled up or something, but it’s definitely something that needs to be checked by the doctor.

So this story continues. I left a message at the doctors office last night so I’m waiting for their reply on what to do next. But I’m kind of decided that if this development means that the IUD has to be taken, I won’t put new one in right away. In that case I’ll go back on the pill for a few months so that my cycles can get back to normal and my pelvic floor has a little while longer to recover and strengthen. And if I notice side effects of the pills again I’ll try the IUD again. But I hope that all is well and that it’s in the right place. And that I’m not pregnant or anything. 😀 I’ll update when there is any development. 🙂


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