IUD issues. Health issues. (Weekly Recap – 22 May 2017)

Weigh in: 87,4 kg

Aaaaaaaa, I have been going up and down about 0,5 kg every few weeks, it’s frustrating. As I said last week I was taking it a little slower this week. I did work out a couple of times, all together every other day. I watched what I ate, but I didn’t track calories (I just tracked the food in my journal). And I really watched to drink enough. Even with being careful I had days when I didn’t meet my water goal.

After taking it slow for a while I am feeling better. Hot flashes are gone, I get light headed sometimes, but very rarely. So it’s all good on that front. I figure it really was all because of too little water.

But I feel like I can’t catch a break… I have been having issues with my IUD. After giving birth I didn’t want to go back on the pill. So after talking it over with my doctor we decided to try IUD. But I think we might have been a little too eager putting it in. I got it about 5 months after giving birth but I have been having different issues from day one. On the check up everything looks good, but I kept feeling the thing inside me and stuff like that. But I decided to try it out for a little longer anyway. But now I checked yesterday and I can’t feel the string inside… And that probably means another checkup, another ultrasound… It’s probably nothing serious, because the doctor did leave the string pretty short on my last checkup, because it bothered me. But if it doesn’t magically appear until tomorrow I’m calling and setting up another appointment. I feel like I’ve had more OB/GYN appointments now than during my pregnancy…

I feel trapped it this vicious circle. I feel crappy for not losing weight, for being fat. And because I feel crappy, I make bad decisions, I don’t work our properly, I make poor food choices. And because all of that, I don’t lose weight… I could just scream! Looking forward to another crappy week I guess.


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