Weekly Recap (15 May 2017)

Weigh in: 86,9 kg

Seriously, it’s just hitting me that May is half way done. My maternity leave ends in a bit more than a month. 😦 Sorry, just a random depressing thought. 🙂 Back to recap.

Last week started out really strong. I prepped my lunches on Sunday, I started out really strong with my workouts. All in all, I did great.


Meal prep: Mexican chicken risotto (will post recipe soon)

But then I started feeling really bad. Now thinking back it was a combination of physical symptoms and mental stuff. I’ve been having some issues with depression and anxiety before. I’ve talked about it with the doctor a bit, but she said it’s nothing serious at this point but to tell if it gets worse. I can usually handle it pretty well. Specially working out has helped me a lot. But to top the bad mood I started having weird physical symptoms like hot flashes and dizziness. I still get them sometimes. I think that I might have pushed myself a bit too much both physically and mentally. I definitely have been drinking too little, so I’m working really hard on it this week. I’ve been eating too little and I’ve been worrying too much. In any way, whatever it is I’m doing isn’t really working. And I keep pushing myself to get fit and loose weight. And I worry about finding a job and moving out of this apartment as soon as possible. Anyway…

I don’t think it’s smart for me to continue what I’m doing, because at this point I feel like I’m going in circles. I have a few good weeks, I lose some weight, then I gain it all back again from somewhere. I think I need to figure out stuff mentally before I can do anything physically. That doesn’t mean I’m quitting. I’ll just be focusing on other things that I’ve kind of been neglecting a bit.

My goals for this week:

  • Water! Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. I won’t go to bed before I finish this goal every day.
  • Nutrition. I won’t track on FitBit anymore so that I won’t count the calories. I’ll still track in my journal and work on making healthy choices.
  • Fitness. Focus on getting outside and walking with the whole family, work on meeting step goal daily. If possible do Pilates or TurboJam.
  • Personal. Writing. Whenever I feel down it’s much easier for me to vent it by writing. It’s like as soon as my mood goes down, my creativity and ideas go up. So I’ve actually already started some creative writing. Some of it is just random, I might post it here some time. But I also found this interesting course on Snowflake Method for creative writing and I’m trying it out.



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