Weekly Recap (8 May 2017)

For the last week and a half I have been traveling up and down Europe. And needles to say I did zero workouts and I ate when and what I got the chance to eat. At this point I’m at the same weight as I was 2 weeks ago and I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t gained anything.

This is going to be just a quick update to get back on track and set new goals. I think it’s pointless to talk about last two weeks to be honest.

But this week is going much better. On Sunday I made all my lunches, I’m starting to really get into this meal prep thing. 🙂 I decided that just randomly picking workouts every day maybe isn’t the best way. 🙂 So for the next 8 weeks I have a plan. I’ll be doing Turbo Jam (following the calendar in the booklet) – beginners for 4 weeks and advanced for the next 4 weeks. And I’m doing Blogilates Beginners Calendar that is also 4 weeks. I’m pretty sure I’ll need more than 4 weeks to finish Blogilates, so I think I’m all set.



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