Weekly Recap (10 April 2017)

Weigh in: 86,9 kg

I won’t go into much details about my measures, just go to my “Weight Loss Plan” post. I’ll be doing recaps like this every Monday to reflect on passing week – weight loss related and not. 🙂 I’m also posting daily Instagram photos, you can follow me there (@munchandfam).

I want to applaud every single mom out there! I really don’t know how I would keep my sanity if I didn’t have someone to take over from time to time. For a while now, but mostly last week, my husband had so much work to do he barely had time to spend it with me and the baby. And to take a baby for a while. 🙂 That will, hopefully, end tomorrow and I’m so excited to work out without having to watch not to step on a tiny human. Because of that I mostly did pilates while the baby slept and we walked whole lot this week.


Snack on the go

I went to a party! It was at the school where I used to teach. So I got to meet up with my (ex)-coworkers. I even bought myself a new dress that looked decent on me. 🙂 I hope we’ll have some time to do a family photo shoot this weekend so that I can wear the dress again. 🙂


My party outfit

Oh, I had another OB/GYN check up. I’ll speak more about my labor and delivery on a separate post, but I’m still recovering from it. Everything was great. My pelvic floor muscles are still weak, but everything is healed good. And if you ever had issues with pelvic floor you know, that it can bring some embarrassing side effects. Like peeing yourself a bit during the examination… #TMI 🙂

When I was looking for an app to store my measurements I came upon a lot of interesting information. I know, you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the Internet. But I was blown away how different the information was. Let me explain. A “normal” way to asses if someone is overweight is BMI (Body Mass Index). Mine is 34, which puts me in “obese” section! I mean OK, I know I’m fat, but obese might be a bit exaggerating. But I didn’t think much about it, until I found this tool that takes your measures and calculates your body fat percentage. So BMI uses your weight and height, this tool uses 7 parameters, but it’s still just a calculation. With this tool my estimated body fat percentage hits almost 24%. OK, so where does that put me? For a woman that is actually an average score. High average, but still not obese. But the most interesting thing was the weight range that would be “normal” for me. My “lean body weight” still puts me in overweight BMI! Don’t get me wrong! I know I’m overweight and I’m working on that. But I feel like we are a bit obsessed with BMI calculations, never looking at anything else. I’m considering getting an actual body composition measured just to see which one was closer. I’ll look into it, there is a health center near me that does it.

Weekly goals:

  • no sweets (it’s holidays weekend, I need the restriction 🙂 )
  • at least 3x pilates and 3x Turbo Jam
  • updating the blog 🙂 (I have a couple of drafts that I hope to finish before the weekend to make this blog a little more presentable. I’m definitely making/drawing a new header. 🙂 )

One thought on “Weekly Recap (10 April 2017)

  1. […] were, besides updating the blog, to stay away from sweets and to do 3x Turbo Jam and 3x Pilates (last weeks recap). Well… I failed on all fronts. Up until Thursday I was doing good. I did some Pilates in the […]


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